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Since 1992 Will Snyder has been involved in professional multimedia production.

From script to screen video projects, photography, graphic design and print, Will has continued to learn, explore and excel at his craft.

Will has produced well over 2,000 corporate/industrial video projects. His work has been seen from the board room to Hollywood, and even on broadcast television.

Will is heavily involved in every facet of production, including storyboard/conception, script writing, media acquisition, lighting and audio engineering and every area of post production such as special effects and original media design development.

While still very much available for small to medium corporate video and photography projects worldwide, Will is turning his attention to his original passion, film.

With an array of vintage film cameras, including his beloved 1929 9×12 Zeiss Ikon, a very rare 1948 Nikkenflex TLR, his 1972 Yashica 6×6 and a gorgeous Beaulieux Super 8, Will is in the process of producing a commissioned, touring exhibit of original portraits.

Additionally, Will is serving as producer/director for a very ambitious short film project premiering at film festivals across the US and Canada, including Sundance and SXSW (2019).

Will is always up for any creative challenge, so reach out to him directly for any video, film, or media design project need you may have, big or small.

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